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About Us

CyberPT Tx is a revolutionary web-based application that is changing the future of exercise prescription in the healthcare and fitness industries. CyberPT Tx is a comprehensive application designed to make take-home patient education as simple and effective as possible for both the patient/client and the health care professional. This unique tool provides visual demonstrations and guidelines through the use of videos for patients and clients to view. Thus, making take home exercises prescriptions easy to follow while maintaining confidentiality between the health care professional and their patient/client. CyberPT Tx can be used from any iPhone, iPad, or computer with access to the internet. How CyberPT Tx works? CyberPT Tx has a series of short exercise videos located within the Exercise Library of this application. Each exercise video comes with a set of basic instructions that are easy for any patient or client to follow. The health care professional can pick and choose specific exercises to prescribe to a patient or client. With CyberPT Tx, we understand that each patient or client is unique and different in their own way. That is why a key feature integrated into this application is the ability to modify and change the instructions of each exercise videos you assign to your patient or client so it can be tailored to meet their individual of each patient or client you are working with. What makes CyberPT Tx different from all other exercise prescription tools out there? CyberPT Tx not only allows you to assign a prerecorded video from our video library, but also gives you the option to record new videos and add it to your own library within the application. This gives you the ability to record your patient or client performing a specific exercise so they can see themselves rather than the exercise models displayed in our videos. After recording the video of your patient or client, you can modify the description and other parameters such as frequency, duration, sets, repetitions, hold, and weight to tailor it to their individual needs. This one of a kind tool is intended to make exercise prescription as fast as possible to save time for the health care professional and the patients/clients they are treating. Features: - Prescibe numerous exercises available in the video library to assign to each patient or client from your iPhone or - Prescribe therapeutic exercise plans to any patient or client that is easily accessed via email. - Record new exercises and add them to your own, personalized video library. - Adjust and modify therapeutic exercise prescriptions to personally tailor in order to meet the individual needs of each patient or client. - Access previously assigned exercise plans that you have already assigned to your patient or client.